Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval & Renaissance Studies is cross-cultural in design and covers the time-period from Late Antiquity (ca. 400) to the seventeenth century. Through the interdisciplinary study of history, art, religion, language and literature, students will develop an integrated understanding of medieval and early modern civilization.  Its legacy, along with its intellectual and social diversity, enhances our understanding not only of the past but of present society.

Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration Requirements

The minor/concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies consists of 15 credit hours from the courses (CABR) listed below. Students must include courses from three disciplines.

Art History
Erly Christian Byzan Art
Early Med and Romanesque Art
Gothic Art and Architecture
The 14th Century
Women in Medieval Art
Art&Arch in Early Ren Florence
High Renaissance and Mannerism
Renaissance & Reformation Art
Italian Renaissance Sculpture
Southern Baroque Art
Northern Baroque Art
Comparative Literature
Writing Women in Renaissance
Shakespeare on Film
Engl Lit: 1500 to 1600
English Lit 1600-1660
Shakespeare I: Earlier Works
Shakespeare II: Later Works
Maj Engl Authors of the Renais
Shakespeare's Contemporaries
England: Tudors and Stuarts
Medieval Society
The Renaissance
The Reformation Era: 1500-1648
European Encounters, 1400-1800
Medieval Philosophy