Dual Enrollment Programs

High School Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment provides an opportunity for high school students with demonstrated academic potential to enroll in selected UM-Dearborn courses while completing their high school graduation requirements.

The purpose of the program is to supplement and enrich the educational experience by allowing students to pursue course work which otherwise would not be available. Admission as a dual enrolled student is a special non-degree status. Students are expected to complete all graduation requirements mandated by his/her high school. Although students are admitted with a special status, they are granted full privileges of UM-Dearborn students, including use of the library and recreational facilities and the opportunity to purchase student tickets to cultural and athletic events at the University of Michigan. After graduation, admission to a degree program at the University will be granted provided they meet the minimum admission criteria. Dual enrollment students may enroll for a maximum of eight credit hours per semester.

Admission Criteria

Current Class Standing Criteria
  • 3.0+ posted GPA on HS Transcript
  • 3.5+ posted GPA on HS Transcript
Sophomores and Freshmen1
  • 3.90+ posted GPA on HS Transcript
  • Personal Interview with Admissions Representative to measure maturity level and preparedness for college coursework.
  • A typed personal statement (up to 500 words) clarifying the student's interest in and commitment to taking college-level course(s) - to be submitted at the time of interview
  • Optional: provide any additional assessment scores if available (i.e. Explore, Plan, ACT, Compass, MME, PSAT, SAT, or Accuplacer)

To Apply for Admission

Apply as early as possible. The deadline for all documents is June 15 for the fall semester and November 1 for the winter semester. No application will be processed until all of the following have been completed and received:

  1. The Dual Enrollment application.
  2. Course Permission and Calculation Worksheet. Be sure to select alternative courses. Must be signed by your high school principal.
  3. An official transcript (including test scores, if applicable).
  4. Personal Statement (freshmen or sophomores only).

Orientation and Registration

Students will be notified of their admission status by the Office of Admissions and Orientation and information about orientation and registration will be mailed to you after you are admitted. Admission to dual enrollment status does not guarantee the ability to enroll in the class(es) specified on the Course Permission and Calculation Worksheet, but every effort will be made to accommodate the student’s request. As a dual enrollment student you may enroll for a maximum of eight credit hours per semester.

Note Students must receive a grade of C or higher in dual enrollment course(s) at UM-Dearborn to be eligible to register for the next semester. Students who receives below a C grade will be contacted by the Dual Enrollment Coordinator after grades are posted. Students must submit a new application for each semester they wish to enroll.

Students planning to register for an English Composition, Mathematics, or an advanced Foreign Language placement course must take the appropriate placement exam prior to registration.

The dual enrollment application can be found online at umdearborn.edu/otheradmission/.