The START Office conducts orientation programs for newly admitted freshmen, transfer students, and parents of incoming students. These programs focus on academic expectations, requirements at UM-Dearborn, and various aspects of campus life. The programs also make students aware of existing services available to them: counseling; tutoring; academic advising; life/work planning; and social and cultural activities. Registrations for a student’s first semester of classes takes place at Orientation. The orientation program for parents of new students acquaints them with the organizational and programmatic structure of the University. Once admitted to the University, each student will receive information about Orientation. It is expected that all new students, freshmen and transfers, will attend Orientation. Questions may be directed to the START Office by calling 313-593-5576.

Placement Exams

Newly admitted students will take one or more placement exams. Placement exams are used to assess the level of class into which a student should enroll. Placement exams should be taken well in advance of orientation or meeting with academic advisor. Placement exams in Mathematics, and Foreign Language are offered. Placement exams are not used as a basis for awarding credit.