Law and Society

Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration only

The Law and Society minor/concentration is a program of study that is intended for the understanding of law in its historical and social contexts.Through study of the evolution of law from ancient societies to our contemporary day, students are encouraged to see law as a dynamic institution shaped by historical forces and social values. Substantively, emphasis is given to the study of such contemporary legal issues as human freedoms and civil rights, social responsibility and the treatment of criminals, constitutional interpretation and the enunciation of citizen rights.

The Law and Society field takes up studies of the legal environment of various institutional sectors in our society. The health care, the family, and mental health systems all have detailed legal environments setting standards for professional conduct, responsibilities of various participants and enabling legislation of various kinds. Other fields, such as communications media, business enterprises, and the military also have fully elaborated legal environments.

Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration only

The Law and Society Minor/Concentration is structured as follows:

Two Prerequisites
PHIL 240Ethics3
Select one course from:3
Critical Thinking
Symbolic Logic
Symbolic Logic
Core Course
SOC/CRJ 453Sociology of Law3
Four Track Courses
Select two from Group A and two from Group B:12
Group A: Legal environments of industries and professions (CABL):
Media Law and Ethics
Issues in Cyberspace
Environmental Law
Medical Ethics
Health Pol and Administration
Mental Health and the Law
Health Care and the Law
Family, Aging and the Law
Educator and the Law
Federal Income Taxation
Employment Relations
The Legal Environment of Bus
Business Law: Advanced Topics
Group B: Structure and process of legal institutions (CABS):
Comp Crim Justice Systems
Economics of Pov and Discrm
Public Choice
Antitrust and Regulation
Economics of the Labor Sector
Public Finance
Philosophy of Law
Contemporary Ethical Issues
American Political Thought
Legislative Process
The American Presidency
The American Judicial Process
Women, Politics, and the Law
Cr Just Policy and Admin
American Constitutional Law
Civil Rights and Liberties
Problems in Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Total Credit Hours21

For more information, students and faculty should contact the CASL College-Wide Programs office, 2040 CB, 313-593-4925 or visit the Law and Society webpage.