Leadership & Communication in Organizations

Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration only

15 credits of upper level course work. Include courses from three areas as indicated:

Communication Skills (CACB)
Select two courses from:6
Case Studies in Tech Writing
Professional Communication
International Communications
Principle of Organization Comm
Public Relations Campaigns
Interpersonal Communication
Public Argument and Advocacy
Argumentation and Debate
Persuasion & Social Movements
Small Group Communication
Leadership Studies (CALB)
Select one course from:3
Women Leadership/Social Change
Prof Communication Ethics
Managerial Communication
Psychology of Leadership
Dimensions of Organizational Behavior (CADO)
Select two courses from:6
Behavior in Organization
Marketing and Society
Social Psychology
Attitude and Social Behavior
Psychology of Prejudice
Psyc of Interpersonal Relation
Cognitive Psychology
Diversity and the Workplace
Gender Roles
Psychology in the Workplace
Organizational Entry
Applied Cognitive Psychology
Motivation and Behavior
Minority Groups
Sociology of Work
America in a Global Society
Images of Organizations
Total Credit Hours15