The Writing Certificate provides students of all majors the opportunity to enhance their writing abilities and have this expertise appear as a credential on their transcripts. There is a national demand for employees who have strong skills in writing. This certificate provides a vehicle for enhancing the intellectual and personal development of students by allowing them to strengthen their writing skills and, at the same time, explore new topics and issues related to their personal interests.​

Certificate Requirements

Nine credit hours of writing (at least one course must be COMP or crosslisted with COMP; minimum B grade required in each course). Other courses by petition:
COML/HUM/WGST 433Writing Women in Renaissance3
COMM 317Case Studies in Tech Writing3
COMM 340Professional Communication3
COMP/ENGL 327Advanced Exposition3
COMP 341Writing in the Professions3
COMP/COMM/ENGL 364Writing for Civic Literacy3
COMP/COMM 462Transnational Rhetorics3
COMP/COMM/WGST 466Arguing Feminism: Rhetoric3
COMP/COMM/ENGL 464Contemporary Rhetorical Theory3
COMP/ENGL 468Read/Writ Young Adult Fiction3
COMP 475Supporting Literacies3
COMP 485How Writing Works3
ENGL/COMP 310Narrative Journalism3
ENGL 323Advanced Creative Writing2-3
FREN 302Advanced Conversation and Comp3
GER 301Advancing Competencies I3
JASS 307Copy Editing3
JASS 310Narrative Journalism3
JASS 315Media Productn for Metro Comm3
JASS 330Feature Writing3
JASS 331Online Reprting,Rsrch,Writing3
JASS 436Memoir and Travel Writing3
JASS 467Script-Writing Workshop3
SPAN 301Adv Conversation and Comp I3

Practicum experience required (minimum 30 clock hours; must include substantial writing/editing component).  Possible ways to fulfill practicum requirement include:

  • Independent Study
  • Internship (HUM 485/HIST 3085 )
  • Co-op (LIBS 395)
  • Peer Consulting in Writing Center
  • Community Service Work
  • Volunteerism/Civic Engagement

Notes Regarding Writing Certificate Program:

  1. Students, at the time that they are completing the Writing Certificate, must submit a Memorandum of Reflection, a sample of written work, and a Writing Certificate Completion Sheet. See LCC Department for details.
  2. Courses used toward another major, minor or certificate program may simultaneously count toward the Writing Certificate.
  3. A minimum 3.0 GPA in the courses counting toward the Writing Certificate and a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA are required at the time of graduation and/or posting of the certificate.