Prospective Degree Student

The Prospective Degree Student (PDS) program provides an opportunity for an individual whose previous high school and/or college work does not qualify for admission as a degree-seeking student to enroll in undergraduate courses.


  • Students who are at least five years beyond high school graduation (or beyond last high school attendance for applicants with a GED)


  • Students who have completed some college work, and are at least five years out of high school, and have not been enrolled in college for at least two years

Students in this category are subject to the following policies:

  • A student may enroll for a maximum of 15 credits toward degree as a non-degree student. The student may take additive credits with the approval of his/her advisor, but these credits are not used in determining eligibility for degree status, nor will they apply toward a degree.
  • The 15 credit hours, GPA requirement, and prerequisite courses (if any) must be completed within two full academic years.
  • A PDS student with a grade point average (GPA) less than 2.0 should meet with the START Office. The student will normally be put on probation.
  • Upon completion of no more than 15 credit hours, the student must apply for admission to a degree program.
  • Students who earn a GPA less than the academic unit requirement are unable to apply for admission and do not have permission to enroll in any status.
  • Students who do not enroll at UM-Dearborn for one year or more and are in good academic standing must reapply by completing a new Prospective Degree Student admission application.
  • A PDS student will have fees assessed and adjusted by fee regulations identical to those governing regular matriculated students. All courses taken under PDS status are considered part of the undergraduate record.
  • PDS students must take the English and Mathematics placement exams either before or during their first semester of enrollment.

Financial Aid Eligibility Limitations

Prospective Degree Students have a special status at UM-Dearborn and are eligible to be considered for financial aid for up to 12 consecutive months before admission to a regular degree program. If a student is not admitted to a regular degree program at the end of the 12 consecutive months, the student is not eligible for additional financial aid.

Students who wish to request additional information should call the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593-5100.