Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students with an interest in both areas can pursue a dual B.S.E. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering and thus can earn two B.S.E. degrees at the same time:

  • B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering
  • B.S.E. degree in Computer Engineering

The dual degree program requires specified coursework that equals a minimum of 141 total credits.  

Dearborn Discovery Core Requirement

The minimum GPA for the program is 2.0. In addition, the DDC permits any approved course to satisfy up to three credit hours within three different categories. Please see the General Education Program: The Dearborn Discovery Core section for additional information.

Foundational Studies

Written and Oral Communication (GEWO) – 6 Credits

Upper Level Writing Intensive (GEWI) – 3 Credits

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving (GEQT) – 3 Credits

Critical and Creative Thinking (GECC) – 3 Credits

Areas of Inquiry

Natural Science (GENS) – 7 Credits

  • Lecture/Lab Science Course
  • Additional Science Course

Social and Behavioral Analysis (GESB) – 9 Credits

Humanities and the Arts (GEHA) – 6 Credits

Intersections (GEIN) – 6 Credits


Capstone (GECE) – 3 Credits

In addition to completion of the Dearborn Discovery Core, the following courses are required to earn a dual BSE degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UM-Dearborn. 

Basic PREP Requirements (37)

Tech Writing for Engineers (Fulfills 3 credits of DDC Written and Oral Communication)
Prin: Macroeconomics (Fulfills 3 credits of DDC Social and Behavioral Analysis)
Prin: Microeconomics
Entrepreneurial Thinking&Behav (Fulfills 3 credits of DDC Intersections)
Intro to Engineering2
ENGR 100Intro to Eng and Computers2
MATH 115Calculus I4
MATH 116Calculus II4
MATH 215Calculus III4
MATH 228Diff Eqns with Linear Algebra4
Chemistry and Physics12
CHEM 134General Chemistry IA4
or CHEM 144 Gen Chemistry IB
PHYS 150General Physics I4
PHYS 151General Physics II4
Discrete Math & Prob/Stats7
ECE 276Discrete Math in Computer Engr4
or MATH 276 Discrete Math Meth Comptr Engr
IMSE 317Eng Probability and Statistics3

Professional Requirements 

ECE Core20
5 courses
ECE 210Circuits4
ECE 270Computer Methods in ECE I4
ECE 273Digital Systems4
ECE 311Electronic Circuits I4
ECE 3731Microproc and Embedded Sys4
CE Core24
6 courses
ECE 370Adv Soft Techn in Comp Engr4
ECE 375Intro to Comp Architecture4
ECE 471Comp Networks/Data Comm4
ECE 473Embedded System Design4
ECE 475Comp Hardware Org/Design4
ECE 478Operating Systems4
EE Core22
6 courses
ECE 3171Analog & Discrete Sig & Sys4
ECE 385Elec Materials and Devices3
ECE 450Analog and Digital Comm Sys4
ECE 460Automatic Control Systems4
ECE 480Intro to Dig Signal Processing4
ECE 4951Sys Desgn and Microcontrollers3
Capstone Project4
2 courses
ECE 4981Electrical Engineering Des I2
ECE 4983Electrical Engin Design II2
Choose one of these four courses:3-4
ECE 319Electromagnetic Compatibility4
ECE 414Electronic Systems Design4
ECE 415Power Electronics4
ECE 4361Electric Machines and Drives4
ECE 435Intro to Mobil/Smrt Dev & Tech4
ECE 4432Renewable Elec Pwr Sys4
ENGR 492Exper Honors Directed Research1
ENGR 493Exper Hnrs Dir Dsgn1
Choose 3-4 credits from the following courses:
ECE 413Intro to VLSI Design3
ECE 4881Introduction to Robot Vision3
ENGR 399Experiential Honors Prof. Prac1
ENGR 492Exper Honors Directed Research1
ENGR 493Exper Hnrs Dir Dsgn1