Civic Engagement (CIVE)

CIVE 333     Service-Learning Practicum     1 Credit Hour

CIVE 333 is a one credit course that links an academic service-learning project to a relevant three or four credit course (not an independent study course) in which the student is or was recently enrolled. Students complete at least 30 hours of pre-approved, unpaid service hours. Students reflect upon their experience and its current and future impact through the writing of reflection papers, other brief writing assignments, and a final project. A student may repeat CIVE 333 up to three times with different linked courses.

Can enroll if College is Business or Engineering and Computer Science or Arts, Sciences, and Letters


Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally