Computer and Information Science/Cybersecurity

Students with an interest in both areas can pursue a dual B.S. program in Computer and Information Science and Cybersecurity and thus can earn two B.S. degrees at the same time:

  • B.S. degree in Computer and Information Science (Information Systems Concentration)
  • B.S. degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (Cybersecurity and Privacy or Digital Forensics Concentration)

The dual degree program requires specified coursework that equals a minimum of 138 total credits.  

Dearborn Discovery Core Requirement

The minimum GPA for the program is 2.0. In addition, the DDC permits any approved course to satisfy up to three credit hours within three different categories. Please see the General Education Program: The Dearborn Discovery Core section for additional information.

Foundational Studies

Written and Oral Communication (GEWO) – 6 Credits

Upper Level Writing Intensive (GEWI) – 3 Credits

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving (GEQT) – 3 Credits

Critical and Creative Thinking (GECC) – 3 Credits

Areas of Inquiry

Natural Science (GENS) – 7 Credits

  • Lecture/Lab Science Course
  • Additional Science Course

Social and Behavioral Analysis (GESB) – 9 Credits

Humanities and the Arts (GEHA) – 6 Credits

Intersections (GEIN) – 6 Credits


Capstone (GECE) – 3 Credits

In addition to completion of the Dearborn Discovery Core, the following courses are required to earn a dual B.S. degree in Computer and Information Science and Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. 

General Requirements

Tech Writing for Engineers (Fulfills 3 credits of DDC Written and Oral Communication)
Ethics (Also fulfills 3 credits of DDC Humanities and the Arts)
Social and Behavioral Analysis
Prin: Macroeconomics (Fulfills 3 credits of DDC Social and Behavioral Analysis)
Prin: Microeconomics
Behavior in Organization (Fulfills 3 credits DDC Social and Behavioral Analysis)
Intro to Criminal Justice (Fulfills 3 credits DDC Social and Behavioral Analysis)
Intro to Artificial Intel (Fulfills 3 credits DDC Intersections)
Appl Business Tech for Engr (Fulfills 3 credits DDC Intersections)
Entrepreneurial Thinking&Behav

Mathematics and Cognates

Mathematics and Statistics 18
MATH 115Calculus I4
MATH 116Calculus II4
CIS 275Discrete Structures I4
IMSE 317Eng Probability and Statistics3
MATH 227Introduction to Linear Algebra3
Laboratory Science Sequence
Two courses, 8 credits, in a sequence from:8
BIOL 130
BIOL 140
Intro Org and Environ Biology
and Intro Molec & Cellular Biology
CHEM 134General Chemistry IA4
CHEM 144
CHEM 136
Gen Chemistry IB
and General Chemistry IIA
GEOL 118
GEOL 218
Physical Geology
and Historical Geology
PHYS 125
PHYS 126
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
PHYS 150
PHYS 151
General Physics I
and General Physics II

CIS-CIA Courses and Electives (85)

Basic Requirements
ACC 298Financial Accounting3
CIS 150Computer Science I4
CIS 200Computer Science II4
CIS 310Computer Org and Assembly Lang4
CIS 350Data Struc and Algorithm Anlys4
CIS 375Software Engineering I4
CIS 421Database Mgmt Systems4
CIS 427Comp Networks and Dis Process4
CIS 435Web Technology3
CIS 450Operating Systems4
Choose either the CIA-DF Concentration or the CIA-CP Concentration
CIA_DF Concentration REQUIRED 23
CIS 387Digital Forensics I4
CIS 467Digital Forensics II4
CIS 447Intro Computr & Ntwrk Security3
CRJ 468Criminology3
CRJ 475Digital Evidence3
CRJ 487Forensic Science3
Take one of the following courses:
CRJ 409Intel and Homeland Security3
CRJ 474Cyber Crimes3
CIA-CP Concentration REQUIRED22
CIS 316Prac. Comp. Sec.3
CIS 446Wireless & Mobi Comp Security3
CIS 447Intro Computr & Ntwrk Security3
CIS 4851Data Security and Privacy3
CRJ 409Intel and Homeland Security3
ECE 427Digi Content Protec4
MATH 396Introduction to Cryptography3
Additional CIS-INSY Requirements14
IMSE 3005Intro to Operations Research4
CIS 425Information Systems4
CIS 476Soft Arch & Design Patterns3
Take one COURSE FROM the following:
CIS 296Java Programming3
or CIS 297 Intro to C Sharp
or CIS 298 Intro to Python
CIS 4951Design Seminar I2
CIS 4952Design Seminar II2
Electives (Approved list of CIS-CIA Electives) 17-8
CIS 285Software Engineering Tools3
CIS 316Prac. Comp. Sec.3
CIS 376Software Engineering II4
CIS 381Industrial Robots4
CIS 387Digital Forensics I4
CIS 436Mobile App Des & Impl3
CIS 437Advanced Networking3
CIS 447Intro Computr & Ntwrk Security3
CIS 467Digital Forensics II4
CIS 487Computer Game Design & Implem3
ENGR 399Experiential Honors Prof. Prac1
ENGR 492Exper Honors Directed Research1
ENGR 493Exper Hnrs Dir Dsgn1