Human Centered Engineering Design (HCED)

HCED 220     Engineering Design Communication     2 Credit Hours

This course examines the fundamentals of researching, writing, and presenting technical information for diverse audiences and purposes. Students learn to plan, analyze and prepare for different types of communications; differentiate between audience types and their needs for information; conduct research, understand authority of sources, and provide citations; develop effective listening techniques in business and technical situations. Techniques for writing communication documents, developing and delivering effective presentations and design portfolio, along with the media and technologies commonly used for design communication is also covered in this class. (F).

Prerequisite(s): COMP 105

HCED 370     Needfinding and Research Methods in Design     3 Credit Hours

This course surveys qualitative and quantitative need finding and research methods in human-centered engineering design including usability engineering. Different data collection and measurement techniques are covered for different types of data, including subjective, behavioral, and physiological data. Human subject involved experiment design is also covered in this course. Students learn to formulate research questions and hypotheses, design and conduct a design related research study, and present research results through various case studies. (W).

Prerequisite(s): ENGR 360

HCED 380     Product Prototyping: Tools and Methods     4 Credit Hours

This course introduces the techniques and toolset necessary for developing low and medium fidelity prototypes to support the human-centered engineering design process. This includes CAD modeling, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, inventive problem solving techniques, sketching, storyboards, role-playing, visualization, virtual reality, and interaction prototyping techniques. Prototype testing techniques and tools are also covered in this course. Students work on individual and semester-long team based design projects in the Design Studio Lab by developing various product prototypes that fulfill customer needs using knowledge, methodology and skills obtained in the class. (W).

Prerequisite(s): ENGR 360 and HCED 370