Alumni Enrichment Program

The Alumni Enrichment Program is an opportunity for UM-Dearborn alumni to enhance their education and to provide additional exposure to a variety of subject areas on a non-credit basis. Each alumni's selection of courses will be checked to ensure that the educational-broadening objective of this program is being faithfully pursued.

All courses must be taken on a pass/fail basis.


This program is available to UM-Dearborn alumni only. Upon acceptance, students are eligible to elect up to 9 hours per term of undergraduate course work in one or more fields distinctly different from the field in which they earned their bachelor's degree (major or minor).

Undergraduate and graduate alumni from UM-Dearborn may pursue undergraduate courses. They are eligible to participate in the program one full term after graduation has been confirmed. Alumni participants are not eligible if currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

Course enrollments will occur on a space available basis. Alumni in this program will also have to meet the regular prerequisites for any courses they elect. Internship, cooperative education, and online courses are not available to program participants.


A discounted per credit hour charge will be levied as an "enrollment fee." This means that a portion of the tuition will be covered by an Alumni Scholarship. The Alumni Enrichment student will also be expected to pay any fees associated with registration, course elections, and technology.

To Apply

Apply online at Once admitted, students will be allowed to register for classes. For further information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 313-593-5100.