The Master of Arts in Teaching program is designed for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in non-educational fields and wish to earn the Michigan Secondary Standard Teaching Certificate. Students in the MAT program will bring valuable experience and expertise to assist in their exploration of the practice of teaching. In addition to learning about adolescent learners and how to teach them, MAT coursework spurs students to think about the goals, values, beliefs and assumptions underlying formal schooling, and to consider schools in social, political and historical contexts. Students interested in this degree program should submit a Transcript Evaluation Request Form in order to receive a draft plan of study prior to admission.The MAT coursework will be offered weekdays in the late afternoon, evening hours, and online to enable students to earn the degree through part-time study. Students who are employed will be able to complete the degree through after-work study except for the Directed Teaching requirement. This will occur during the last semester of each student’s residency.

Admission Requirements & Application

Eligibility for regular admission includes:

  • Completed application form
  • $60.00 application fee
  • Official transcript(s) from each college/university attended
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • 3.0 (B) undergraduate/graduate grade point average or better
  • Three professional letters of recommendation using required form 
  • Statement of purpose

The university’s academic policies for graduate students apply.

A full list of teaching majors and optional minors can be found on the Master of Arts in Teaching website.

The Master of Arts in Teaching requires that students select a teaching major and optional minor taken at the undergraduate level in order to complete the full requirements of Secondary Teacher Certification. A full list of possible majors and minors can be found on the Master of Arts in Teaching website.

Program Requirements

EDA 500Theoretical Foundations of Ed3
EDB 500Multicult Ed in US Classroom3
EDC 502Adol Devl & Classroom Mgmt3
EDC 504Pract Adol Devl&Clsrm Mgmt1
EDC 556Learning & Classrm Assessment3
EDC 561Educating the Exceptional Chld3
EDD 569Reading in the Content Areas3
EDT 511Design Tech-Based Learn Solutn3
Secondary Methods Course in the Major Area3
Teach English in Second Grds
Teach Math in Second Grades
Teach of Sci in the Second Grd
Tch of the Soc Stud in Sec Sch
Second Lang Tchg: Sec Level
Secondary Practicum Course in the Major Area1
Practicum: English Second Grd
Pract: Tch Engl as Secnd Lang
Practicum: Math Second School
Practicum in Science:Secnd Grd
Practicum in Soc Stud:Sec Sch
Practicum in Second Lang Tchg
EDD 518Directed Tchg (MAT) Second Sch5
EDD 517Seminar: Teaching Secondary Master's in Teaching (MAT)2
Total Credit Hours33

Learning Goals

  1. Candidates for certification will be capable in their content specialty areas (teaching major(s) and/or minor(s)).
  2. Candidates for certification will be capable users of pedagogical knowledge.
  3. Candidates for certification will be reflective about their practice