Law & Environment (LE)

LE 252     Personal Business Law     3 Credit Hours

This course is designed for the non-business student and includes business law topics of direct interest in the management of personal business affairs. Topics covered are: product safety regulation, contracts, personal property, real estate, mortgages, landlord-tenant, wills and estates, insurance, employer-employee relations, unfair business practices, and an introduction to the lawmaking and enforcement processes.

Can enroll if Class is Sophomore or Junior or Senior or Graduate

LE 452     The Legal Environment of Bus     3 Credit Hours

To introduce the management student to the functioning of legal systems and the effect of regulation on the business environment. Topics covered include an exploration of legal and ethical forces that impact the policy and practice of business in dealing with customers, employers, owners, and competitors.

Prerequisite(s): COMP 106 or COMP 270 or COMP 280 or COMP 220 or CPAS with a score of 40

Can enroll if Class is Junior or Senior

LE 453     Commercial Trans: Adv Topics     3 Credit Hours

To study additional topics and complete the survey of basic business law. Topics covered are the sales, commercial paper, and secured transactions sections of the Uniform Commercial Code, and the study of property, estate planning, insurance, and liability of professionals.

Can enroll if Class is Junior or Senior


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Frequency of Offering

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