Freshman Student Admission

Admission Procedures

UM-Dearborn welcomes applications from prospective freshmen. The admission of all students is on a selective basis; admissions officials consider many factors in reaching individual decisions for admission.

Sources of information used in evaluating a candidate's qualifications include the secondary school record (GPA, rigor of curriculum and trend of grades), comments of the secondary school counselor or principal, scores achieved on either the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT), and any evidence of special abilities.

Incoming freshmen are expected to present a final official high school transcript as proof of graduating from an accredited high school or preparatory school. 

Information provided on the Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships must be accurate and complete. Falsification or omission of information or credentials may result in the revocation of admission.

Application Deadline

It is recommended that students apply for admission online and are eligible to do so as soon as they complete their junior year in high school.

The application deadline for priority scholarship consideration is December 15 of the student’s senior year in high school. The official admission deadline date for any semester is the first day of class of that semester.

It is free and easy to apply online (, and students may check the application status online. 

Official high school transcripts are needed at the time of application for freshman admission. Students seeking admission to UM-Dearborn that took coursework from other institutions of higher learning must also submit official transcripts from all previous institutions. Official corrections made to transcripts by previous schools, whether high schools, colleges, or universities, must be submitted to the University no later than six months after the first day of classes. Students whose final official transcripts are not received will have a hold placed on their student account which prevents course registration for future semesters.

The Admissions staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with prospective students. Appointments should be arranged in advance by calling the Office of Admissions and Orientation at 313-593‑5100.

Admission Requirements

Students interested in enrolling at UM-Dearborn should have completed the Michigan Merit Curriculum as established by the State of Michigan (or equivalent coursework if outside of Michigan).  Students graduating from a high school outside of Michigan should pay close attention to the requirements listed below.

A strong high school background in basic academic subjects is important in a student's preparation for college study. The following college preparatory high school curriculum should be followed:

  • College Preparatory English: Minimum four years required.
  • Mathematics: Minimum four years required (at least two years must be in college preparatory mathematics).
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Minimum three years required with four years recommended.
  • History and Social Sciences: Minimum three years required.
  • Foreign Language: Minimum two years strongly recommended.
  • Computer Science: At least one semester is required; one year recommended.
  • Electives: Additional work in any subjects offered for high school credit to bring the total for the four high school years to the equivalent of at least 15 units.

Special Recommendations

Students who intend to pursue their college work in business administration, computer science, engineering, or physical and natural sciences are encouraged to include the following subjects in their high school preparation:

  • Mathematics: Coursework should include two years of algebra, one year of geometry and at least one semester of trigonometry.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Coursework should include one year of chemistry and at least one year of physics or biological science.

Applicants intending to pursue a college program in science or engineering who have not completed the recommended mathematics and chemistry units may still be admitted if they satisfy the general admission requirements. However, they will be expected to establish proficiency in these areas during their freshman year.

Test Requirements

UM-Dearborn requires all prospective freshmen to submit scores from at least one standardized test: the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). The student should make certain that the test results are forwarded to the UM-Dearborn Office of Admissions and Orientation (SAT code #1861; ACT code #2074).

The results of standardized achievement tests in specific subject areas are not required as part of the application process. However, all new freshmen enrolling at UM-Dearborn, must take the UM-Dearborn English Composition Examination and the Mathematics Placement Examination. These exams are for diagnostic and placement purposes. Placement exams are administered prior a student’s orientation and class registration.

Advanced Placement (AP)

A prospective student who has exhibited outstanding performance in a particular subject area and has participated in the College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) may be considered for advanced college placement and credit. Such applicants should arrange to have their Advanced Placement Examination reports sent (use our college code of 1861) to the Office of Admissions and Orientation, where they will be reviewed in accordance with the regulations of the various academic departments. Advanced Placement credit will not be granted when the AP Exam is taken after the student’s official date of high school graduation. For information on the college credit AP practices, visit

International Baccalaureate

UM-Dearborn grants credit to students based on their IB scores.  Students who participated in the IB program in high school should request that their scores be provided to the University for evaluation. Scores of 4 and above are considered for credit.

Enrollment Deposit

In order to guarantee a space in an incoming class, a $50 enrollment deposit should accompany the student's affirmative reply on the Admissions Acceptance Form, which is sent to the student at the time of admission. The applicant may confirm at any time. For the fall semester, the deadline for deposit is May 1. Upon registration, this deposit will be applied to tuition/fees for that semester. The $50 enrollment deposit is not refundable after May 1 for fall semester admitted students regardless of when the deposit is submitted.

For the winter semester, the deadline for deposit is December 1. For the summer semester, the deadline for deposit is April 1. The deposit is not refundable after the deadline dates.

Online payment of the deposit can be submitted at