Business Economics (BE)

BE 530     Econ Analysis: Firm & Consumer     3 Credit Hours

This is a microeconomics course with a managerial emphasis designed for graduate students. Microeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior of individual consumers, producers, and industries. This course emphasizes business applications of economic theories. Among the topics covered are supply and demand, production functions, cost minimization, profit maximization, competitive markets, monolopy and monopsony, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, decision making in uncertain situations, and asymmetric information. The mathematics admission prerequisite must be satisfied prior to electing BE 530.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 104 or MATH 105 or MATH 113 or MATH 115

Can enroll if Class is Graduate

BE 580     Econ Analysis: Nat'l & Int'l     3 Credit Hours

This is a macroeconomics course designed for graduate management students. Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the performance of entire economies. Accordingly, this course develops an understanding of both the domestic economic situation and the importance of global interactions. Topics include analysis of the levels of aggregate output, employment and prices, the roles of aggregate supply and aggregate demand, monetary and fiscal systems and policies; and the impacts of international trade and financial flows.

Prerequisite(s): BE 530

Can enroll if Class is Graduate

BE 583     Global Econ: Crisis & Growth     3 Credit Hours

This AIM course develops the understanding of the global economy and financial system necessary for business leaders. Understanding of the fundamentals of macroeconomic systems is developed in the first half of the course including both domestic and international perspectives. In the second half of the course these fundamentals are expanded and shown how they apply to contemporary global events. The financial instruments which played an important role in these global economic events are understood both in terms of their construction and their effects. By seeing how the tools apply to the modern international economic system, students will gain an ability of how to apply the tools of macroeconomics and finance to the international events of the future. No credit for both BE 580 and BE 583.

Prerequisite(s): BE 530 and (DS 520 or IMSE 510 or IMSE 514) and FIN 531

Can enroll if Class is Graduate


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Frequency of Offering

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