General Business

The major in general business has been designed for students seeking a broad business background rather than a specialization in any one functional area of business. Coursework to complete the General Business major must be upper division business credits beyond the BBA core (excluding business internship). Students majoring in General Business may choose an optional concentration in Pre-Law.  General Business students will not be permitted to combine this major with any other College of Business major. 

 In addition to major requirements, students must complete the BBA Degree Requirements.

General Business Major (18 credit hours)

18 credit hours from College of Business course work beyond the BBA core.

General Business Major with a concentration in Pre-law

LE 453Business Law: Advanced Topics3
Select three courses from 300-400 level COB courses beyond the core. Each must be a different subject.9
Select two courses from the following:6
Contemporary Ethical Theory
Theory of the Law
The American Judicial Process
American Constitutional Law
Civil Rights and Liberties
Philosophy of Law
Women, Politics, and the Law
Social Psychology
Sociology of Law
Antitrust and Regulation
Environmental Law
Health Care and the Law
Environmental Ethics
Problems in Constitutional Law
Total Credit Hours18

Learning Goals

Goal 1

Students will be knowledgeable about the business disciplines.

Objective: Students will demonstrate knowledge of fundamental business content.

Goal 2

Students will be effective communicators.


1.  Students will communicate effectively in writing.

2.  Students will produce professional quality oral presentations.

Goal 3

Students will be effective team members.

Objective: Students will collaborate effectively in teams.

Goal 4

Students will be competent in the application of technology.

Objective: Students will apply technological tools to business situations.

Goal 5

Students are able to understand and integrate knowledge across diverse disciplines, cultures, and context.


  1. Students are able to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to understand diverse local or global contexts.
  2. Students are able to critically evaluate the values, processes, technologies or structures that may create a just and sustainable society.
  3. Students are able to creatively integrate theory and practice from across disciplines or from experiences outside of the classroom to address complex questions.

Goal 6

Students will be knowledgeable about ethical principles and their application.


1. Students will demonstrate understanding of academic integrity in their coursework.

2. Students will identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.

Goal 7 

Students will apply critical thinking skills to business situations.

Objective: Students will analyze business situations and recommend managerial responses.