Game Design

The purpose of the certificate program in game design is to provide interested students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to program computer games at the professional level. The core courses included in this program are taught from a software engineering perspective and also include game programming techniques. The elective courses are intended to allow students to strengthen their software engineering backgrounds and to explore advanced areas of computer science important to game programmers. (12 credit hours)

Certificate offered on Campus and via Distance Learning 

Required Core Courses

CIS 587Computer Game Design and Impl3
CIS 588Computer Game Design II3
Additional Coursework
Complete 2 courses from the following (6 credits):
CIS 515Computer Graphics3
CIS 535Wireless Tech/Pervasive Cmptg3
CIS 552Inf Vis & Multimedia Gaming3
CIS 553Software Engineering3
CIS 577S/W User Interface Dsgn&Analys3
CIS 579Artificial Intelligence3