Plastic and Composite Materials

Students in this certificate program will be exposed to both design and manufacturing considerations of plastics and composite materials. Particular emphasis will be given to the materials for automotive applications. Processes, properties and design of the materials will be examined, and characteristics of the materials manufactured from different processes will be discussed. (12 credit hours) 


ME 582Injection Molding3
ME 584Mechanical Behavior of Polymer3
ME 587Automotive Composites3
ME 589Composite Materials3

ME 582     Injection Molding     3 Credit Hours

This is an in-depth course on injection molding processes, which include the conventional injection molding process, low pressure injection molding, structural sandwich molding, gas assisted injection molding etc. Material, process and tool design parameters are emphasized. The roles of rheology and flow modeling are discussed. Design issues for injection molded products are also discussed. Injection molding applied to other materials, such as ceramics, is also described. (YR).

ME 584     Mechanical Behavior of Polymer     3 Credit Hours

Mechanical behavior of polymers and ceramics are considered in relation to their structures, processing and applications. Emphasis is given on their deformation, fatigue and fracture characteristics. Strengthening mechanisms for both materials are discussed. Graduate standing or special permission. (YR).

Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate

ME 587     Automotive Composites     3 Credit Hours

The emphasis in this course is on automotive composites, such as SMC, SRIM and RTM. In addition to properties and applications of these materials, this course covers manufacturing processes, design considerations, test methods and quality control techniques used for automotive composites. The use of continuous fiber composites in automotive applications, such as leaf springs, drive shafts and energy absorbing structures, are also discussed. (YR).

ME 589     Composite Materials     3 Credit Hours

This course will consider four different aspects of composite materials; namely, materials, mechanics, manufacturing and design. Recent developments on fiber reinforced plastics and metals will be covered. Fundamental analytical concepts on micro and macro mechanics will be emphasized to create a better understanding of the design principles of composite materials. Graduate standing or special permission. (YR).

Can enroll if Class is Graduate
Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate


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Frequency of Offering

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