Available Financial Assistance

There are three types of aid available through a single application (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA): grants, loans and employment. Most assistance is offered as a package of two or more kinds of aid. Undergraduates (pursuing their first bachelor’s degree) are considered for grants, loans and work-study employment, according to their eligibility and preference. Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree are limited to loans and work-study employment.

Admission into an eligible program of study (i.e., a degree-granting program) is a primary criterion to receive financial aid funding. All Personal Enrichment status students are ineligible for financial aid. Most Guest, Prospective Degree status and Alumni Enrichment students are ineligible for financial aid – however, there are limited exceptions which may be applicable to specific situations. Students admitted via Guest, Prospective Degree or Teaching Certificate status should make an appointment with a Financial Aid Officer to discuss their specific admission status and financing options.