Available Financial Assistance

There are three types of aid available through a single application (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA): grants, loans, and employment. Most assistance is offered as a package of two or more kinds of aid. Most financial aid sources require a minimum of at least half-time enrollment (6 or more credit hours per semester) in coursework that counts toward degree requirements.

Undergraduates (pursuing their first bachelor’s degree) are considered for grants, loans, and work-study employment, according to their eligibility and preference. Students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree are limited to loans and work-study employment.

Admission into an eligible program of study (i.e., a degree-granting program) is primary criterion to receive financial aid funding. All Personal Enrichment, English Proficiency, and Non-Candidate for Degree status students are ineligible for financial aid. Most Guest, Prospective Degree status, and Alumni Enrichment students are ineligible for financial aid – however, there are limited exceptions which may be applicable to specific situations. Students admitted via Guest, Prospective Degree, or Teaching Certificate status should come in to talk with a Financial Aid Officer to discuss their specific admission status and financing options.