Business Studies as a Secondary Major

The Business Studies major combines foundational courses in business with the liberal arts. A Business Studies Major will provide CASL students flexibility in the job market by providing them with alternate career paths and widen their employment opportunities after graduation. The Business Studies Major will prepare students for the job market by providing students with foundational knowledge in the basic business disciplines. Students can supplement this knowledge with elective courses from several disciplines or extend and deepen career preparation with more advanced work in a particular area of administration or analysis. By making rational use of general electives and distribution requirements, students may design programs to achieve their career goals. Students cannot pursue this major either on its own or in conjunction with a business major. It must be taken in conjunction with a primary major within CASL.

Major Prerequisites

ECON 201Prin: Macroeconomics3
ECON 202Prin: Microeconomics3
MATH 104College Algebra4
or MATH 105 Pre-Calculus
Total Credit Hours10

Dearborn Discovery Core Requirement

The minimum passing grade for a Dearborn Discovery Core (DDC) course is 2.0. The minimum GPA for the program is 2.0. In addition, the DDC permits any approved course to satisfy up to three credit hours within three different categories. Please see the General Education Program: The Dearborn Discovery Core section for additional information.

Foundational Studies

Written and Oral Communication (GEWO) – 6 Credits

Upper Level Writing Intensive (GEWI) – 3 Credits

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving (GEQT) – 3 Credits

Critical and Creative Thinking (GECC) – 3 Credits

Areas of Inquiry

Natural Science (GENS) – 7 Credits

  • Lecture/Lab Science Course
  • Additional Science Course

Social and Behavioral Analysis (GESB) – 9 Credits

Humanities and the Arts (GEHA) – 6 Credits

Intersections (GEIN) – 6 Credits


Capstone (GECE) – 3 Credits

Foreign Language Requirement

Complete a two-semester beginning language sequence.

Ancient Greek I and IIMCL 105 and MCL 106
Arabic I and IIARBC 101 and ARBC 102
Armenian I and IIMCL 111 and MCL 112
French I and IIFREN 101 and FREN 102
German I and IIGER 101 and GER 102
Latin I and IILAT 101 and LAT 102
Spanish I and IISPAN 101 and SPAN 102

Major Requirements

ACC 298Financial Accounting3
FIN 401Corporate Finance3
OB 354Behavior in Organization3
MKT 352Mktg Principles and Policies3
ITM 310Info Systems in Management3
OM 300Intro to Operations Management3
Plus select one course from the following: 3
Quantitative Model and Anlys I
Economic Statistics
Prin of Stat and Exper Design
Plus one of the following tracks.9
Total Credit Hours30

Some courses listed here may have additional prerequisites that could add to the total credit hours needed.

General Business Track

Three courses from any 300 or 400 level COB course  (Excluding BA 300, BPS 451, and any BI course). No two of which can be from the same discipline.

Communications Track

COMM 340Professional Communication3
or BA 330 Managerial Communication
Plus select two courses from the following:6
Survey of Mass Communication
Public Relations Principles
Communication Research Methods
Social Media for PR
Public Comm and Culture Stdies
Critical Media Studies
Public Relations Campaigns
Prof Communication Ethics
Comm Strategy & New Media
Total Credit Hours9

Economics Track

Select three courses from the following:9
Managerial Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Business Conditions Analysis
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Money and Banking
Com Bank: Functn and Operatns
Labor in the American Economy
Industrial Organization
Experimental Economics
Antitrust and Regulation
International Finance
International Trade
Economics of the Labor Sector
International Financial Mgmt
International Business
Total Credit Hours9

Psychology Track

Select three courses from the following:9
Human Resource Policy/Admin
Understanding Customers
Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Diversity and the Workplace
Psychology in the Workplace
Human Factors Psychology
Total Credit Hours9


  1. At least 15 of the 30 credits required in the major must be elected at UM-Dearborn.
  2. A maximum of 4 classes may share with the primary CASL major.