CIS Mathematics

(Concurrent Degree)

Current CECS undergraduate students majoring in Computer and Information Science (CIS), Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (CIA), or Software Engineering (SE) may pursue a concurrent Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in CIS Mathematics. This makes it possible for CECS students to earn two degrees at the same time: a principal BS degree in CIS, DF, or in SE and a separate concurrent BS degree in CIS Mathematics. Both degrees must be earned at the same time. The courses for the concurrent BS degree in CIS cannot be used as elective credits for the principal degree, but must be taken in addition to the 120-123 credits required for the BS degree in CIS, the BS degree in DF, or the BS degree in SE.

The educational objectives of the concurrent BS program in CIS Mathematics are to prepare graduates to:

  1. Be able to develop innovative mathematical solutions to complex computational problems.
  2. Engage in continuous learning to advance their professional careers.

The BS in CIS Mathematics degree requires a minimum of thirty credits in mathematics courses, as follows:

Fourteen credits of mathematics courses required for the BS degree in CIS, DF or in SE: 1
MATH 115Calculus I4
MATH 116Calculus II4
MATH 217Intro to Matrix Algebra2-3
or MATH 227 Introduction to Linear Algebra
CIS 275Discrete Structures I4
Six credits from the following two courses: 2
MATH 205Calc III for Engin Students 33-4
or MATH 215 Calculus III
MATH 216Intro to Diff Equations3
Select a minimum of ten credits from the following courses:10
Applied Combinatorics
Computing with Mathematica
Topics in Mathematics 4
Elementary Number Theory
Dynamical Systems
Integral Equations
First Course in Modern Algebra
Linear Algebra 5
Stochastic Processes 6
Mathematical Statistics
Advanced Calculus I
Advanced Calculus II
Fourier and Boundary
Func of a Complex Var with App 7
Mathematical Modeling
Intro to Numerical Analysis
Matrix Computation
Total Credit Hours30-32

The following CECS graduate courses may also be used towards the CIS Mathematics degree: CIS 451CIS 551, CIS 552; ECE 555, ECE 560, ECE 567, ECE 580; IMSE 505, IMSE 510, IMSE 511; ME 518, ME 519, provided that:

  1. a minimum of nine hours is taken from the Mathematics department (MATH) courses in list C above, and
  2. permission to take a graduate course is granted.