Applied Art

Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration Only

Among the humanistic disciplines, Applied Art offers great opportunity for interdisciplinary inquiry and teaching. Art is often discussed as a universal form of communication, and the processes of visual interpretation and creation cut across human experience. In an image-centered society such as our own, the objects and critical methods of art creation provide a vital linkage point not only between disciplines, but also between students and the world around them. To provide more specific examples, students majoring in English, Anthropology, Journalism and Screen Studies, Biology, and Computer Engineering would benefit from an Applied Art minor/concentration to build both their knowledge of processes of human artistic creation and also the practical skills of digital image creation for different contexts and uses.


Basic Design-Color
And one class from (CAPD):
Beginning Painting
Beginning Drawing
Beginning Watercolor
Beginning Digital Design
Intro to Digital Photography

Required Courses: 

12 credits in upper-level courses from (CAAA):
Intermediate Design-Color
Intermediate Digital Photo
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Drawing
Figure Drawing
Intermediate Watercolor
Creating the Graphic Novel
Introduction to Printmaking
Independent Studies in App Art