Film Studies

Designed as an interdisciplinary program, the minor/Integrative Studies concentration provides an intellectually challenging and cross-culturally oriented approach to the study of cinema. Courses fulfilling the Film Studies Minor are housed in Journalism and Screen Studies (JASS).

 Minor/Integrative Studies Concentration Requirements


JASS/ENGL/HUM 248Introduction to Screen Studies3

Required Courses

15 credit hours in upper level credit as outlined below:

JASS 440Theory of the Screen3
Four courses from the following (CAOF)12
Narratives of Film and Lit
Black Cinema
Gender,Sex,Powr Screen Studies
Independent Study in JASS
Video Game Studies & Criticism
History&Theory of Documentary
Environmental Filmmaking
Theory of the Screen
American Cinema
Script-Writing Workshop
Total Credit Hours15

Film Studies (FILM)

Please see Journalism and Screen Studies (JASS) for descriptions of the film studies courses listed above.