Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment (PE) is an admission status that enables students to enroll in undergraduate courses for the purpose of personal or professional development.


  • Students must have already earned a baccalaureate degree and not be seeking an additional undergraduate degree.

Students in this category are subject to the following policies:

  • A PE student may enroll for a maximum of 15 credit hours at the University. There is no limit on the number of semesters, but the total number of completed credit hours for all semesters enrolled may not exceed 15.
  • A PE student may apply no more than 15 credit hours accumulated at UM-Dearborn to a degree program. Exception is possible only by written permission of the academic dean of the unit to which the student has applied.
  • A PE student is limited to enrolling for nine credit hours (not to exceed three courses) in a single four-month term (four hours per half-term).
  • A PE student with a grade point average (GPA) less than 2.0 should visit the Office of Student Success before registering for a subsequent term. The student will normally be put on probation. If academic performance persists below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA), the student may be required to withdraw from the University.

A Personal Enrichment student will have fees assessed and adjusted by fee regulations identical to those governing regular matriculated students. All courses taken under PE status are considered part of the undergraduate record.

Students who wish to request additional information should call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 313-593‑5100.