Social Studies

Please refer to Elementary School Certification Program for additional degree requirements.

Major Requirements

A minimum of 36 semester hours from the following:

Required Courses
EXPS 282History & Civics Elem Schools3
EXPS 283Geography & Econ Elem Schools3
HIST 101The World to 1500 CE3
HIST 103The World Since 1500 CE3
HIST 112The American Past II3
HIST 3601Michigan History3
POL 101American Politics3
POL 371Problems in Intl Politics3
or POL 471 American Foreign Policy I
or POL 472 American Foreign Policy II
GEOG 206World Regional Geography3
300 Level GEOG Elective
ECON 2001Introductory Economics3
ECON 201Prin: Macroeconomics3
or ECON 202 Prin: Microeconomics
Total Credit Hours36

Major Notes:

  1. 12 semester hours required at UM-Dearborn.
  2. 9 semester hours at 300 level or above required.

Program Notes:

  1. All College of Education, Health, and Human Services undergraduate students are required to take the Composition Placement Test by the end of the first semester they are enrolled in classes.
  2. Students transferring in COMP 105 or COMP 106, but receiving the prescription of 099 from the Composition Placement Test, must complete COMP 227 before taking EDD courses.
  3. Minimum GPA's are required for program completion: 2.75 cumulative, 2.75 in major, 2.75 in optional minor(s), and 2.75 in Professional Studies.
  4. For admission to Phase III of the teacher certification program, passing scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (passing score of 480) and in Mathematics (passing score 530) are required.  The SAT must have been passed on or after March 5, 2016.
  5. Advising Policy:  The student is responsible for complying with requirements described in the Undergraduate Catalog as well as on the Four Phase Checklist.  Students are expected to meet with their College of Education, Health, and Human Services advisor at least once per year and in the term prior to graduation.
  6. Courses taken on a PASS/FAIL basis will NOT be accepted toward program completion.
  7. The minimum number of semester hours required to graduate is 128.
  8. CEHHS recommends successful program completers for State of Michigan Certification, however, it is ultimately up to the State of Michigan to issue certificates.  Certain offenses on a criminal record can keep individuals from obtaining teacher certification.  Please refer to The Revised School Code, Act 451 of 1976, section 380.1539b.
  9. Students must meet Dearborn Discovery Core requirements.  See for details