Credit for Education in the Armed Forces

Effective Fall 2015 for new admits, veterans who have served in the armed forces may receive 2-6 general credits toward degree for their recruitment training if an honorable or general discharge was granted. The hours granted vary according to the ACE recommendations for credit based on the military branch of service. Additional Specialist Training credit may be petitioned for credit via a written petition during the first semester on campus. Veterans should meet with their academic unit to discuss possible options, write a petition, and arrange to meet with a discipline representative or department chair to review the military course work and experience. Based on the discussion and ACE recommendations, specific credit would be granted in the first semester after admission by the discipline representative or department chair through the academic unit advising office.

UM-Dearborn has a cap of 62 transfer hours from an accredited community college. The same cap is applied for all ACE credits. This includes the general credit granted for recruitment training for veterans. If a veteran attended the Community College of the Air Force the cap of 62 hours toward degree includes the general credits, attendance at the Community College of the Air Force and all petitioned credit to degree.