Social Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies provides students with a broad range of courses through which to examine and appreciate the processes and institutions that shape civilizations and social orders. It seeks to recreate the context of changing human activities, be they cultural, economic, geographic, political, or social, and to explain and understand the contemporary human condition. Because of its interdisciplinary structure, the Social Studies major is valuable for those who want a multidimensional understanding of the human past and future, and of the contemporary world and their own place in it.

The degree was especially designed for students seeking to become secondary school teachers, but it could also provide background for those who seek a career in government work, law or business.

In addition to the major requirements, students must complete all CASL Degree Requirements.

Pre-Major Requirements

The Social Studies major requires the student to take two introductory courses.

Select two courses from the following:6
The World to 1500 CE
The World Since 1500 CE
The American Past I
The American Past II
American Politics
Total Credit Hours6

Major Requirements

Students must complete 33 credit hours of coursework in Economics, Geography, History, and Political Science from the following:

One course any GEOG 100-400 level3
One course any GEOG 300/400; 3000/4000 level3
Select one of the following:3
Prin: Macroeconomics
Prin: Microeconomics
Introductory Economics
Any ECON 300/400; 3000/4000 level3
U.S. History (CAUS)
Select one course from the following:3
Studies in Det. Hist & Culture
The Arts & Culture of Detroit
African American History I: 1619-1865
Early American Republic
Civil War & Reconstruction
The United States and Vietnam
Eng Colonies in Amer,1607-1763
American Revolution, 1763-1815
Emerg of Modern U.S.,1876-1916
Era of World Wars:1916-1946
America Since World War II: Superpower Blues
Michigan History
Comparat. American Identities
United States Economic History
America and the Middle East in the Age of Empires
America and the Middle East in the Age of Nation-States
History of Islam in the US
The 1960s in America
Black Intellectual History
Women Leadership/Social Change
Automobile in American Life
Intro to Arab American Studies
Public History in Arab Detroit
Arabs & Muslims in Media
Arab Americans Since 1890
African American History II: 1865-Present
Civil Rights Movement in Amer
American City
Women in Am-Hist Perspective
History of Industrial Technlgy
Modern Warfare
Immigration in America
Does Women’s History Matter?
Arab American Identities
Non-U.S History
Three courses HIST 300/400; 3000/4000 level - MUST be in at least 2 different global areas:9
Africa (CASF):
The Contmp World, 1945-Present
West Africa Since 1800
Seminar: African Diaspora
Asia (CASA):
Art of China
Art of Japan
Chinese Painting
Earl Mod Jpn Paint&Wood Prnts
The Russian Revolutions
The Age of Revolution in Europe and the World
The Contmp World, 1945-Present
The United States and Vietnam
Europe (CASE):
The Russian Revolutions
Polish History Since 1800
Poland - Study Abroad
Armenia Ancient Medieval World
Armenia in the Soviet Period
Armenians in the Modern World
Modern Britain
The Reformation Era: 1500-1648
The Age of Revolution in Europe and the World
Europe in Age of Imp:1815-1914
20th-Century Europe, 1890-1945
The Contmp World, 1945-Present
Germany Since 1945
The European City
Sex, War, and Violence
Germany Before Hitler
European and International Economic History
History of Industrial Technlgy
Modern France
Aspects of the Holocaust
Nazi Germany
Latin America
Introduction to Latin America: Utopia to Autocracy
Middle East (CASM):
Armenia Ancient Medieval World
Armenia in the Soviet Period
Armenians in the Modern World
The Contmp World, 1945-Present
Islamic Movemnts Mid East Hist
Women&Islam Mid East to 1900
The Late Ottoman Empire, 1789-1924
The Middle East 570 to 1800 CE
Modern Middle East, 1918-1945
Modern Middle East, 1945-1991
Lebanon in Modern Middle East
America and the Middle East in the Age of Empires
America and the Middle East in the Age of Nation-States
Arab Americans Since 1890
Culture& Hist. in Mod. Iran
Arab American Identities
Middle Eastern Diasporas
Political Science
Two courses any POL 300/400; 3000/4000 level6
Additional Economics, Geography, or Political Science
One course any ECON, GEOG, or POL 300/400; 3000/4000 level3
Students must also complete six credit hours in upper level cognate courses from any CASL discipline (excluding ECON, GEOG, HIST, POL, MATH 385, MATH 386, MATH 387); or Education courses (EDA and EDC only).6
Total Credit Hours39

For Secondary Education Certification Students

Please see the College of Education, Health, and Human Services secondary certification section for specific courses required.


  1. At least 15 of the 27 upper level credit hours required for the major must be elected at UM-Dearborn.

Learning Goals

  1. Explain, analyze, and interpret the major political, economic, social and cultural movements in United States and World history.  Assess the impact of the past on the present.
  2. Analyze and evaluate historical periods and contemporary societies from multiple perspectives, inclusive of race, ethnicity, religion, social class, and gender.
  3. Analyze spatial patterns on earth to understand processes that shape human environments and contribute to societal decision-making.
  4. Explain how people make choices considering scarce resources and how markets coordinate the choices of many decision makers; and analyze how these factors affect national and global changes in production, consumption, employment, and economic prosperity.
  5. Analyze and explain the conceptual foundations of civic and political life across various political systems.
  6. Explain the functioning of key government institutions and political organizations as they operate in the United States and other countries. Describe examples of conflict and cooperation between national governments.