Automotive Powertrains

Automobiles of the twenty-first century is poised to advance at a rapid pace with greater emphasis on lightweight structures, high efficiency powertrains, intelligent control systems, lower emissions, robust design and manufacturing, as well as improved comfort and safety. This certificate program gives an opportunity for automotive engineers interested in high efficiency powertrains to learn to about the advancements in engines, transmissions, electric and hybrid vehicles, and emission controls. (12 credit hours)

Certificate offered on Campus and via Distance Learning.

Coursework Requirements

Please choose four courses to complete the required 12 credit hours.
ECE 530Energy Storage Systems3
ECE 532Auto Sensors and Actuators3
ECE 5462Elec Aspects of Hybrid Vehicle3
ME 538Vehicle Thermal Management3
ME 547Automotive Powertrains I3
ME 548Automotive Powertrains II3
ME 570Powertrain NVH of Electrified Vehicles3
ME 596Internal Combustion Engines I3
ME 597Internal Combustion Engines II3
ME 598Engine Emissions3