An undergraduate student (that is, a candidate for a bachelor's degree) who does not register for any courses at UM-Dearborn during a 12-month period must be formally readmitted in order to resume studies at UM-Dearborn. Such a readmitted student is then governed by the current Catalog.

Some academic units at UM-Dearborn may have more stringent regulations. It is the obligation of students who leave the University for an extended period of time to acquaint themselves with the specific requirements.

Since all I and X marks are permanently changed to IE and XE after four months, a readmit may not petition to make up I's or X's on his/her prior record.

Courses taken at other campuses will not count automatically toward graduation. Students should petition their academic unit for credit(s). Maximum transfer hours apply (see “Transfer Equivalency Worksheet” section).

Readmitting students will complete a readmission application and submit transcripts from any college or university they have attended after leaving UM-Dearborn. Readmitted students are subject to the requirements in effect at the time of readmission.  If students want to change their program of study, they should contact the academic unit of the program to which they would like to change to for additional information.