Applied Behavior Analysis 4+1 Concentration

Integrative Studies Concentration only

See Integrative Studies major for more information.

The 4+1 ABA concentration for the Integrative Studies major provides students with an efficient pathway into the MS in ABA.  Students pursuing this concentration can continue on in the MS program and complete coursework to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Admission to the 4+1 Concentration

  1. Participation in the 4+1 concentration is limited to students who have:
    a. completed at least 60 undergraduate credit hours
    b. earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25
  2. Applicants to the 4+1 concentration who are also interested in the MS in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program must also apply for the MS in ABA through the online graduate program application and indicate a "Yes" response to the 4+1 accelerated program question.  Students must submit a letter of recommendation from an UM-Dearborn faculty member or instructor and official transcripts.
  3. Students must attain a grade of B or better in each 500 level class double-counted or transferred to the graduate program.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the 4+1 program.  Students may be given the opportunity to retake courses once they complete their undergraduate degree.

Double Counting Credits

1. The 4+1 concentration allows current UM-Dearborn undergraduate students to complete both their BA/BS and MS in Applied Behavior Analysis degrees in an accelerated format. 4+1 students can double-count up to 15 credits of 500-level or above courses. Double-counting these 15 credits between the BA/BS and MS in Applied Behavior Analysis saves students a total of 5 classes.  In addition, in accordance with the campus Course Level Assessment Policy, undergraduate students are charged undergraduate tuition rates for graduate level courses. As a result, the cost of completing the Masters degree is reduced by more than $12,000, assuming part-time enrollment at resident tuition rates.
The courses eligible to be double-counted include:

  • EDC 506
  • EDC 621
  • EDC 622
  • EDC 625
  • Select one: EDC 508, EDC 514, EDC 561, EDC 539, or EDT 530

2. Students enrolled in undergraduate programs that require the 400-level equivalent of the courses listed above can count the 500-level version of those courses towards the completion of their undergraduate requirements. If the 400-level version of the classes listed above are not part of the student's undergraduate requirements then these courses can count as electives towards the undergraduate degree.  Students who do not have room for any more elective credit in their plan of study can still complete this program, but may end up with more than the minimum number of undergraduate credits required for their program.

3. At least one additional year of graduate work (at least 15 credits) would be needed to complete the Master's program.

4. The double-counted classes appear on both the undergraduate and graduate transcripts.  Students are graded based on the graduate grading scheme for all graduate courses elected. Only graduate level courses can be double counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree.  Students are not allowed to count undergraduate coursework towards a graduate degree.

Integrative Studies 4+1 Concentration only

This concentration is only available to the Integrative Studies major.

Undergraduate 4+1 Concentration with ABA
Required Courses
EDC 506Applied Behavior Analysis I: Principles of Behavior3
EDC 621Experimental Analysis of Behavior3
EDC 622Science and Human Behavior3
EDC 625Contemporary Issues for ABA Practitioners 3
Elective Course (Choose 1)
EDC 508Intro to Dvlpmntl Disabilities3
or EDC 514 Early Child Ed Special Needs
or EDC 561 Educating the Exceptional Chld
or EDC 539 Child Maltreatment and Trauma
or EDT 530 Assistive Technology
Total Credit Hours15