Retired Person Studies Program

Founded in 1984, the Retired Persons Studies Program (RPSP), formerly known as Retired Persons Scholarship Program, is a University of Michigan-Dearborn program for retired Michigan residents 60 years of age and older who seek intellectual engagement and stimulation. Through its commitment to nontraditional constituencies, UM-Dearborn continues its outstanding tradition of extending quality and excellence in education to the residents of southeast Michigan.

Beginning Fall 2019, students in the RPSP program will enroll with the following new stipulations:

Tuition and Fees

A special tuition rate for the program, set approximately at 25% of the in-state tuition is approved annually by the Regents in mid-summer. RPSP students are also subject to all applicable registration fees and college-specific premiums. The new rate each fall term will be published on this website.  


Given the intellectual enrichment nature of the RPSP program, students enrolled in it will register under the Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) option. RPSP students should consult the campus’ graduate and undergraduate academic policies for the number of credit hours allowed under the NCFD option. NCFD students cannot register for internship and co-op courses. In addition, students will be permitted to register only after degree-seeking students as specified in the Registrar’s Registration Timetable. 

Academic Credit

Students enrolled in the RPSP program can only take courses under the audit option. It is important that students considering a degree at the university not enroll under the RPSP program, as courses taken under the audit option do not carry academic credit and are not transferable into a degree program.

Admission Requirements

Please consult with graduate admissions (if seeking to enroll in graduate-level courses) or undergraduate admissions (if seeking to enroll in undergraduate courses) for RPSP admission requirements.

Prospective students are required and expected to: 

  • Have reached their 60th birthday prior to the semester of their first registration under this program. 
  • Be a “retired” person - to have no current career or employment.
  • For undergraduate coursework, have graduated from high school (or equivalent) and demonstrate the potential to succeed in academic coursework. For graduate coursework, have completed a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution. Criteria vary based on whether a bachelor’s degree was earned from a US institution or an institution outside of the United States.  All incoming students (undergraduate or graduate) must meet the posted minimum English proficiency standards. Appropriate education, career or life experience will be given special consideration.


Admitted RPSP students can obtain information and guidance from the academic advising offices and faculty advisors in the colleges where they plan to take courses. 

Current RPSP students seeking a degree as of Summer 2019 will be grandfathered under the previous policy and thus will be allowed to continue to the completion of their degree provided active student status is maintained (at least one course per 12 month period).