Philosophy (PHIL)

PHIL 542     Medical Ethics     4 Credit Hours

Issues in medical ethics are among the most exciting and most urgent facing the world today. This course will explore some of these issues: the relationship between patient and health caregiver (truth-telling, informed consent, the right to refuse treatment, confidentiality); assisted suicide and euthanasia; treatment of defective newborns; scarce resources, social justice and the right to health care; cloning and genetic manipulation; new reproductive technologies; and others. We will discuss issues from the standpoint of patients, medical professionals, and citizens who shape policy in a democratic society. Ethical theories and concepts will be stressed. Students cannot receive credit for both HPS 442 and HPS 542. Prerequisite(s): any previous course in Philosophy or permission of instructor. (F, W, S).

Prerequisite(s): PHIL 100 or PHIL 120 or PHIL 233 or PHIL 234 or PHIL 240 or PHIL 301 or PHIL 302 or PHIL 303 or PHIL 304 or PHIL 305 or PHIL 310 or PHIL 315 or PHIL 320 or PHIL 335 or PHIL 340 or PHIL 350 or PHIL 365 or PHIL 369 or PHIL 370 or PHIL 371 or PHIL 375 or PHIL 380 or PHIL 390 or PHIL 441 or PHIL 445 or PHIL 485 or PHIL 490

Can enroll if Class is Graduate

*An asterisk denotes that a course may be taken concurrently.

Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally