Humanities (HUM)

HUM 509     Feminist Theories     3 Credit Hours

This course examines the different perspectives that feminist theorists have offered to analyze the unequal conditions of women's and men's lives. Students taking this course will develop an understanding of how theory functions as a way to know, understand and change the world. They will also be provided with a lens for comparing the assumptions and implications of alternative theoretical perspectives. A particular emphasis of this course is on theorizing the interrelationships among gender, race, class, sexuality and nationality. Course material includes applications of feminist theory to issues such as gender identity formation; sexuality; gender, law and citizenship; women and work; and the history and politics of social movements. Students will not receive credit for both WGST 409 and WGST 509. Additional reading assignments or projects will distinguish this course from its undergraduate version.

HUM 533     Writing Women in Renaissance     3 Credit Hours

This course will be taught in English, and will focus in the influence of Italian literary models for the construction of female literary types as well as female voices in France and Italy from 1300 to about 1600. Italian authors studied include three very influential Florentines, Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, as well as Castiglione and Ariosto. We will read women poets, patrons, prostitutes and queens from Italy and France such as Veronica Gambara, Isabella di Morra, Vittoria Colonna, Christine de Pizan, Louise Labe, and Marguerite de Navarre. At issue will be women's roles and women's images in city and court culture during the early modern period, and the interaction of their writings with the literary canons of Italy and France. (OC).

Can enroll if Class is Graduate

HUM 590     Advanced Topics in Humanities     3 to 4 Credit Hours

The presentation of a topic in a discipline of the Humanities or an interdisciplinary course involving humanities on an advanced undergrad/graduate level.

Can enroll if Class is Senior or Graduate

*An asterisk denotes that a course may be taken concurrently.

Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally