Business Studies as a Secondary Major

The Business Studies major is an optional second major for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services through the College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS).

The Business Studies major (BST) complements the critical thinking and acquired knowledge gained through a education focused on health and human services with foundational courses in business to develop the necessary leadership and analytical skills for careers in management related fields. 

The BST graduate will acquire and possess a broad range of understanding, knowledge, and quantitative skills necessary for attaining a leadership role in business, education, community organizations, and government. Key to the BST is the comprehensive education that provides a strong foundation in thinking creatively, seeing the world through a multi-perspective lens, and acquiring a broad based of knowledge, and an understanding of diverse cultures and literary works. 

The Business Studies major is open to non-College of Business students and must be pursued as a second major in conjunction with the primary major in CEHHS.

For further information about  Business Studies as a Second Major, contact CEHHS Advising.

Dearborn Discovery Core

Please see the Dearborn Discovery Core (General Education) webpage or additional information.

Prerequisites to the Major

Prin: Macroeconomics
Prin: Microeconomics
College Algebra

Major Requirements

ACC 298Financial Accounting3
FIN 401Corporate Finance3
ISM 310Info Systems in Management3
MKT 352Mktg Principles and Policies3
OB 354Behavior in Organizations3
OM 300Intro to Operations Management3
Select one course from the following:3
Introductory Business Statistics using Excel
Economic Statistics
Quantitative Research and Statistics
Prin of Stat and Exper Design
Select one of the following Concentrations below 112
Total Credit Hours33

Some courses listed here may have additional prerequisites that could add to the total credit hours needed.

Concentration Requirements

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Required - All of the following courses:
ENT 400Entrepreneurial Thinking&Behav3
ENT 401New Venture Planning3
ENT 403Social Entrepreneurship3
BA 491Business Experiential Learning3
Total Credit Hours12

Human Resource Management Concentration

HRM 305Human Resource Policy/Admin3
Select 3 additional courses from the following:9
Talent Sourcing & Acquisition
Compensation & Performance Mgt
Legal Issues in Human Resource
Talent & Leadership Develop
Total Credit Hours12

Marketing Concentration

MKT 382Understanding Customers3
MKT 402Marketing Management3
Select 2 additional courses from the following:6
Marketing and Society
Digital Consumer Srch&Mktg
Sales Mgmt & Personal Selling
Total Credit Hours12

Small Business Management Concentration

BPS 441Small Business Management3
Select 3 additional courses from the following:9
Financial Reporting
Entrepreneurial Thinking&Behav
Human Resource Policy/Admin
Sales Mgmt & Personal Selling
Total Credit Hours12

Supply Chain Management Concentration

Required - All of the following courses:
OM 460Supply Chain Management3
OM 465Strategic Sourcing3
OM 470Analys & Desgn of Supply Chain3
OM 475Supply Chain Logistics Mgmt3
Total Credit Hours12