Human Services

Human Services workers are committed to helping individuals, families, and groups function more effectively and overcome considerable individual and social challenges.  These professionals help people deal with economic inequality; physical and mental health challenges including addictions; as well as difficulties with housing, employment, and education.  The minor in human services provides students with important content drawn from the fields of social work, counseling, addiction and recovery services, and child life.  The minor prepares future human services professionals to successfully navigate social and community contexts, institutional resources and barriers, as well as individual and group dynamics.

HHS 210Intro to Social Work3
Choose an additional 3-4 courses from the following:12
Introduction to Play
Program Plan Implementation
Intro to Macro Social Work
Theories & Pract. Social Wk.
System of Care
Work w/Vulnerable Populations
Family Preservation & Recovery
Metro Impact of HHS
Case Management for Change
Death, Dying, and Bereavement
Responsible Drug Policy
Medicine and Addiction I
Medicine and Addiction II
Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
Fundraising & Grantwriting
Work w/Child in Health Setting
Total Credit Hours15