Degree-Seeking and Non-Degree Student

Degree-Seeking Student

A student who has been admitted as a first-year (freshman) or transfer into a regular degree program in an academic unit is called a degree-seeking student. After enrolling, a student may change from one degree program to another by following established procedures, as long as he/she is accepted by the new unit.

Non-Degree Student

Non-degree status offers the opportunity to elect courses to meet personal objectives without enrollment in a degree program. Consideration for admission as a non-degree student is specific to the non-degree program in which the student is interested.

UM-Dearborn offers the following Non-Degree Programs:

  • Alumni Enrichment
  • Certificates
  • Dual Enrollment (Current High School Students)
  • Guest
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Prospective Degree
  • Retired Person Studies Program