Information Systems Security

Information Systems Security is a rapidly growing field which is very important to business and governmental organizations. Information security jobs, in both the private and public sectors, are growing at a very fast pace, based on bureau of labor statistics data. Information Systems professionals are increasingly being required to have exposure in information security. 

Information Systems Security Minor

ISM 310Info Systems in Management3
ISM 351Networking and Collab Comp3
ISM 383Info Technology Security3
ISM 387Digital Security3
Choose One Course From:3
ISM 301Bus Application Programming3
ISM 302Object-Oriented Programming3
ISM 321Database Systems I3
ISM 331Info Systems Development3
ISM 347Information Visualization3
ISM 371IT Strategy: Disrupting Norms3
ISM 382Advanced Computer Applications3
ISM 431Database Systems II3
Total Hours: 15