Certificate Programs

A graduate certificate is a non-degree credential, less extensive than a Master’s program, which is designed to provide students with a specialized set of courses that supplement a primary field of study, area of expertise, or provide an interdisciplinary experience within a defined body of knowledge. Certificates are encouraged in areas not currently addressed by a graduate degree program and where they might provide added benefits to students beyond existing degree programs.  For more information, please visit the Graduate Certificate Policy webpage.

College of Education, Health, and Human Services

For current students, fill out a Declaration of Certificate Form.

For new students not enrolled in a UM-Dearborn degree program, please fill out the appropriate Certificate Program Application.

For more information regarding application to a CEHHS certificate program, please visit the CEHHS Graduate Certificate Programs webpage.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Degree Seeking Students

Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program at UM-Dearborn may declare a CECS graduate certificate to supplement their primary field of study or area of expertise. In order to declare a certificate, students must fill out a Declaration of Certificate Form.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students may also pursue a graduate certificate as a non-degree seeking student. Students pursuing this option should complete the appropriate Certificate Program application.

For more information regarding application to the CECS certificate programs, please visit the CECS Graduate Certificate Programs webpage.