Registration Information

Steps to a Successful Registration 

1.    Check Your Eligibility to Register 

Students can view their eligibility to register, earned hours, academic status and any holds that will prevent registration via the Student information System.

  •  Select Prepare for Registration 

2.   Meet with your Academic Advisor

Meet with an advisor as needed or if required by the college. Academic advising is available through the student’s college or graduate department office. 

3.   Plan your Schedule

Use the Schedule Planner to simplify the registration process and help find classes that fit your busy schedule.  Review your Degree Works Audit Worksheet and/or Student Educational Plan in preparation for registration.


4.   Confirm Your Registration Appointment Time

Continuing students who are eligible to register via the Web can determine their registration date based on credits earned as listed in the Registration Timetable. New students will receive written information regarding their registration appointment time. 

5.   Register for Classes

All students who have been enrolled for at least one term within the last year, new graduate students, and readmitted students who do not have financial obligations, holds or other registration restrictions are eligible to register.  New transfer and new freshman students will register during New Student Orientation. Please see the Registration Menu for information about online registration.

Additional Registration Information

Closed Courses

Closed course information is available via the Student Information System. 

Course Load

Students may elect a maximum of 18 credit hours in a given semester. Students at the graduate level may elect a maximum of 12 credit hours in a 15-week semester and a maximum of 8 credit hours in a 7-week semester. For graduate programs, individual colleges may impose a lower limit than this campus-wide policy. All students should contact their college for policies and procedures regarding electing hours in excess of the maximum.


Students will not be allowed to register if they have a hold. A hold could result from having outstanding financial obligations to the University, academic probation, mandatory advising, or other academic or non-academic conditions that require resolution prior to registration. Students can check their holds on the Student Profile page. 


If a course section is full, students may be able to add themselves to a waitlist.  Visit our website to view Waitlist Guidelines.