Change of Grade

The grade that an instructor records on the final grade sheet and that appears on the student's subsequent transcript is assumed to be final; that is, the instructor's official evaluation of all of a student's performance and work completed by the official end of the term (the last day of the final examination week).

The University permits a change of grade under the following circumstances:

  1. Recognizing that mistakes can be made, the University of Michigan-Dearborn permits a student to ask an instructor for a review of a grade within a five week period after the end of the term involved. After the expiration of this deadline, a student may initiate a request for a review only through the petition process involving the student’s college Academic Standards Committee (or comparable group), whose decision shall be final. Such a review is entirely separate and distinct from the circumstances involving an X (Absent from Final Examination), I (Incomplete Coursework), or a Y (Course Extends Beyond Term).
  2. A student (or instructor) may initiate a grade change if he/she discovers that a grade has been entered in error due to, but not exclusive to, the following:
    • possible omission by the instructor when computing the final grade, or material submitted by the student before the end of the term;
    • possible error in evaluation by the instructor of work submitted or final examination taken by the student before the end of the term;
    • possible error by the instructor in the computation of the final grade;
    • possible error in the recording of the grade by the instructor or staff; or
    • allegation of bias or prejudice on the part of the instructor in the assignment of the final grade (This rare charge is to be handled according to the procedures established withing the academic unit.).