Public Health

The multidisciplinary field of public health is committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting the health of individuals, populations, and the communities where they live, learn, work, and play.  Public health professionals employ a wide range of tools to prevent disease and illness, improve physical and mental health outcomes, and ensure health equity.  Students who complete the public health minor select courses that allow them to develop such practical skills as health education and communication, community organizing, epidemiology, program planning and evaluation, fundraising, grant writing, and public policy formation.

Minor Requirements

Introduction to Public Health
Choose an additional 3-4 courses from the following:12
Intro to Health Policy
Program Plan Implementation
Work w/Vulnerable Populations
Health Behavior Theory
Perspectives in Women's Health
Comm Organizing for Health
Health Policy and Admin
Religion, Medicine, and Health
Health Policy and Politics
Methods of Health Promotion
Medical Information Systems
Financing Health & Medical Sys
Population Health
Fundraising & Grantwriting
Quantitative Research and Statistics
Principles of Epidemiology
Healthcare Administration
Race/Ethnic Health
Obesity and the Lifecourse
Reproductive Health Policy
Medical Sociology
Medical Ethics
Comparative Health Care System
Health Care and the Law
Information Science and Ethics
Social Construction of Mental Illness
Arab American Health
Total Credit Hours15