Fiction Writing

The certificate is focused on the study and practice of fiction writing. The certificate will train students how to read a text with the eye of a writer and with the intent of acquiring narrative techniques. Through this process, students will learn how to discuss a text by referencing narrative elements of craft, including characterization, plot, use of detail, setting, structure, etc. Students also will be trained on how to comment on one another’s creative work in the safe and nurturing environment of a workshop. The program is open to all undergraduate students at UM-Dearborn as well as non-degree seeking students with or without college degrees. Students will be required to take ENGL/COMP 223: Introduction to Creative Writing and ENGL 323: Advanced Creative Writing, as well as two required upper-level fiction writing courses of their choosing.

13-15 credit hours are required:
Required Core Courses:
ENGL 223Intro to Creative Writing3
ENGL 323Advanced Creative Writing4
Creative Writing Courses
Select two courses from the following:6-8
Micro Stories
Weird Tales
The Ethnic-American Short-Story Cycle
Independent Studies in English
Writing Young Adult Fiction
Total Credit Hours13-15


  1. One transfer course (3 credits hours) may count toward ENGL 223: Introduction to Creative Writing.
  2. A maximum of nine credit hours may count toward the certificate and the English major.
  3. A minimum grade of “C-” is allowed for courses counting in the certificate.
  4. A minimum 2.0 GPA in the courses counting to the certificate are required to earn the certificate.
  5. P/F courses are not allowed.