Undergraduate Certificate Policy

An undergraduate certificate is a non-degree credential, less extensive than a degree program, which is designed to provide students with a specialized set of courses that supplement a primary field of study, area of expertise, or provide an interdisciplinary experience within a defined body of knowledge. Certificates are encouraged in areas not currently addressed by an undergraduate degree program and where they might provide added benefits to students beyond existing degree programs. Certificates can be created within specific disciplines or departments, college-wide programs, across departmental/college boundaries with the issuing college having the responsibility for administering/monitoring the certificate program.

Degree-seeking and non-degree students may pursue an undergraduate certificate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn:

1. Degree-Seeking: Undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate certificate. The student must formally declare the certificate program by completing a Declaration of Certificate Form during their enrollment in a degree program. Students can earn the certificate before obtaining their UM-Dearborn undergraduate degree if the certificate approval permits. Students must complete a Certificate Completion Application during the term in which they will be completing the certificate requirements. Program faculty must stipulate in their formal proposal whether the certificate can be posted before degree completion (Stand-Alone) or only upon degree conferral (Linked), along with any additional criterion needed to declare and pursue a certificate program.

2. Non-Degree: Non-degree students may pursue a certificate comprised of a distinct set of courses not wholly aligned with an existing degree program. Non-degree students interested in a certificate program should apply directly through standard non-degree seeking admissions procedures. Students who wish to obtain their certificate must complete the Certificate Completion Application during the term in which they will be completing the certificate requirements. Admissions stipulations regarding certificate programs must be provided in detail in the formal proposal.

All University of Michigan-Dearborn certificate programs must follow the below criteria:

  • All students are required to complete a minimum of nine (9) undergraduate credit hours in order to receive any UM-Dearborn certificate and must meet the specific GPA minimum established for the certificate. Individual colleges or programs may specify a higher minimum credit hour requirement.

  • Students may transfer from another accredited institution into a UM-Dearborn certificate program up to half of the credit hours required by the certificate, but no more than six (6) credit hours of credit. If a certificate requires nine (9) credits of coursework, only four (4) credits can be applied towards the certificate.

  • If a certificate program permits its courses to be taken Pass/Fail, no more than a fourth of the credit hours can be taken as Pass/Fail.

  • All applicable credits earned in the certificate program can be applied toward a University of Michigan-Dearborn degree program.

  • Non-degree seeking students shall only take credits that apply for the certificate program they have been admitted.