Energy and Sustainability

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers an undergraduate certificate program in the area of Energy and Sustainability. The program is based on the elective courses of the bachelor of science in engineering degree in mechanical engineering (BSE-ME) program regularly offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The earned credit hours can be applied simultaneously to the certificate program and an undergraduate degree program at the University of Michigan - Dearborn.

The program can be completely entirely on campus, with some courses occasionally offered in the asynchronous online mode.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are critically important in all applications of mechanical engineering. The certificate program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of energy and sustainability and receive official recognition in the field.

Only courses completed with grade B or better will be counted toward the certificate. A minimum certificate grade point average of 3.0 is required to obtain the certificate. 

Certificate Requirements  

The certificate program requires a minimum of 9 credit hours.

Select a minimum of 9 credit hours from the following:
ME 4202Design Turbo. and Wind Gen.4
ME 423Thermal Sys Des & Optimization4
ME 4301Computational Thermo-Fluids3
ME 4361Design of HVAC Systems4
ME 4471Solar Energy Sys Analy&Design4
ME 452Sustainable Energy & Environment4
ME 493Advanced Vehicle Energy Sys3
ME 496Internal Combustion Engines I3


  1. Up to 4 credit hours can be transferred from a degree-granting program at another institution.
  2. Pass/fail courses are not allowed.
  3. All applicable credits earned in the certificate program can be applied toward one University of Michigan – Dearborn degree program.
  4. Credits earned in the certificate program cannot be applied toward another certificate program.