Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering

Students with an interest in both areas can pursue a dual BSE program in Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering and thus can earn two BSE degrees at the same time:

  • BSE degree in Bioengineering
  • BSE degree in Mechanical Engineering

The dual degree program requires specified coursework that equals a minimum of 143 total credits.  

Dual Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering Accelerated Master Option

The accelerated undergraduate/master’s studies option allows current students enrolled in the BENG/ME undergraduate dual degree program at UM-Dearborn to complete the ME and BENG BSE degrees and the MSE bioengineering degree in an accelerated format. This is achieved via combining a portion of undergraduate and graduate coursework. Admitted students can double-count up to 9 credits of 500-level or above bioengineering elective, core, or cognate courses taken during their junior or senior years. Of these, only one cognate course is allowed.

In practice with the usual graduate student program rules, these students may also transfer a maximum of 6 additional 500 level credits toward the 30-credit master's degree. These additional transfer credits can be taken during the junior and senior years and cannot be used for any portion of the undergraduate degree. Depending on the number of double-counted and transfer credits, 15-21 credits of graduate coursework would be needed to complete the master's program after completion of the undergraduate degree.

Please see the Dual Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering Accelerated Master Option webpage for more information.

Dearborn Discovery Core (General Education)

All students must satisfy the University’s Dearborn Discovery Core requirements, in addition to the requirements for the major

Major Requirements

A candidate for the Dual BSE in Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering is required to pursue scholastic quality and to complete satisfactorily the following program of study:

Prerequisite Courses

COMP 270Tech Writing for Engineers (Also fulfills 3 credits of DDC Written and Oral Communication)3
ECON 201Prin: Macroeconomics (Also fulfills 3 credits of DDC Social and Behavorial Analysis)3
or ECON 202 Prin: Microeconomics
MATH 115Calculus I4
MATH 116Calculus II4
MATH 215Calculus III4
MATH 228Diff Eqns with Linear Algebra4
CHEM 134General Chemistry IA4
CHEM 136General Chemistry IIA4
BENG 200Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers4
BIOL 140Intro Molec & Cellular Biology4
PHYS 150General Physics I4
PHYS 151General Physics II4
ENGR 100Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Design 3
ENGR 126Engineering Computer Graphics2
ENGR 216Computer Meth for Engineers2
ENGR 250Principles of Eng Materials3
ME 230Thermodynamics4
ME 260Design Stress Analyses4

Dual Major in BENG/ME Courses

ECE 305Intro to Electrical Eng4
ME 325Thermal Fluid Sciences I4
ME 345Engineering Dynamics4
BENG 351Bio-Sensors & Instrumentation4
BENG 364Prob&Stat in Bioengineering3
BENG 370Biomechanics I4
BENG 375Biomaterial Tissue Engrg4
BENG 381Bioprocessing4
ME 375Thermal Fluid Sciences II4
ME 379Thermal-Fluids Laboratory3
ME 381Manufacturing Processes I4
ME 3601Design and Analysis of Machine Elements4
ME 442Control Systems Analysis and Design4
ME 4681ME/BENG Dual Senior Design4
Program Electives10
Select 10 credits of upper-level elective courses from the lists below. At least one course must be a design elective (3-4 credits). At least 6 credits (2 courses) must be from ME or BENG courses. Interested students may select elective courses focusing on bioengineering or mechanical engineering or by following one of these recommended mechanical engineering tracks: engineering mechanics, engineering design, energy and sustainability, materials and manufacturing, mechatronics and robotics, and vehicles and mobility. Undergraduate certificate credentials can be declared for each track. The courses suggested for each track can be found on the program’s website. 110
Upper-Level Design Electives3-4
select at least one course from this area
BENG 426Fundamentals of Drug Delivery3
BENG 451Microfluidics3
BENG 450Biophotonics and Optical Metrology3
BENG 460Nanobiosystems Engineering3
BENG 470Advanced Biomechanics 3
BENG 480Mechanotransduction3
BENG 481Biomimetics3
BENG 490Directed Design Project1-3
or ME 490 Directed Design Project
ENGR 360Design Thinking : Process, Method & Practice4
ENGR 493Exper Hnrs Dir Dsgn1
ME 4191Structural Mech & Design4
ME 4202Design Turbo. and Wind Gen.4
ME 423Thermal Sys Des & Optimization4
ME 4361Design of HVAC Systems4
ME 440Intro to Mechanical Vibrations3
ME 445Sound and Noise Controls4
ME 4461Mech Vibration & Noise Control4
ME 4471Solar Energy Sys Analy&Design4
ME 4500Design of Automotive Chassis and Body Systems3
ME 452Sustainable Energy & Environment4
ME 460Design for Manufacturing3
ME 469Senior Design II1-4
ME 472Prin & Appl of Mechatronic Sys4
ME 483Dsgn Cons in Poly and Comp Mat3
ME 493Advanced Vehicle Energy Systems3
Upper-Level Technical Electives6-8
BCHM 370Principles of Biochemistry4
BENG 410Bioinformatics3
BENG 425Transport in Biosystems3
BENG 475Regenerative Engineering3
BENG 492Guided Study in Bioengineering1-3
or ME 492 Guided Study in Mechanical Engineering
CHEM 225Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 226Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 227Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM 437Nano-Biotechnology4
ENGR 350Nanoscience and Nanotechnology4
ENGR 399Experiential Honors Prof. Prac1
ENGR 492Exper Honors Directed Research1
ENT 400Entrepreneurial Thinking&Behav3
IMSE 381Industrial Robots4
IMSE 440Applied stat models in engin3
IMSE 4425Human Factors and Ergonomics4
IMSE 4675Six Sigma & Stat Proc Improv4
ME 410Finite Element Method wth Appl3
ME 4301Computational Thermo-Fluids3
ME 4550Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Engineering Applications3
ME 4640Linear Systems Control3
ME 481Manufacturing Processes II3
ME 4910Degradation of Materials3
ME 491Directed Research Problems1-3
ME 4950Digital Manufacturing and Product Innovation3
ME 496Internal Combustion Engines I3
ME 4981Automotive Engineering4

Students admitted to the Dual Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering Accelerated Master's Option may substitute BENG 526 for BENG 426, BENG 551 for BENG 451, BENG 570 for BENG 470, BENG 580 for BENG 480, ME 510 for ME 410, ME 525 for ME 4301, AENG 550 for ME 4500, ME 555 for ME 4550, ME 564 for ME 4640, ME 591 for ME 4910, ME 595 for ME 4950, and ME 596 for ME 496.


The courses suggested for each track can be found on the program website.