Automotive Materials and Design

The automotive system of the twenty-first century is poised to advance at a rapid pace with greater emphasis on lightweight structures, high efficiency powertrains, intelligent control systems, lower emissions, robust design and manufacturing, as well as improved comfort and safety. This certificate program gives an opportunity for automotive engineers to learn to about lightweight materials, advancements in ergonomic and structural design, vehicle dynamics and control, and advanced manufacturing techniques (12 credit hours).

Certificate offered on Campus and via Distance Learning.

Coursework Requirements

Please choose four courses to complete the required 12 credit hours.
AENG 545Vehicle Ergonomics I3
AENG 550Design of Automotive Chassis3
AENG 551FEM in Auto Structure Design3
AENG 555Vehicle Stability & Control3
AENG 586Design & Mfg: Ltwt Auto Mat3
AENG 650Analysis and Design for Vehicle Crashworthiness3
IMSE 593Vehicle Package Engineering3
ME 543Vehicle Dynamics3
ME 545Acoustics and Noise Control3
ME 583Mechanical Behavior of Materials3
ME 589Composite Materials3