Taking Courses at another College or University

Degree-seeking students in good academic standing may take courses as guest students elsewhere at another college or university. In so doing, students must adhere the following terms and conditions: 

  • Only those undergraduate courses earned at institutions that are regionally accredited or from a foreign university or college approved by the government or the official regulating agency of the country will be considered for transfer credit at UM-Dearborn;
  • The University’s Transfer Residency Requirement policy (see Section 2.1.2); 
  • A course may not transfer if a student is electing the course already completed at UM-Dearborn;
  • Transfer courses will not alter a student’s UM-Dearborn GPA;
  • For final posting of a course, an official transcript is required; 
  • Courses taken at another university must meet all required course equivalencies as stated in the transfer residency requirements policy.