Spanish for Health Care Professionals

The Certificate in Spanish for Health Care Professionals prepares students to better serve Hispanic patients who otherwise may not get equal access to health care services because of the linguistic and cultural barriers.

The Certificate in Spanish for Health Care Professionals will also prepare students for today's growing demand for Spanish among physicians and healthcare workers in the United States. In addition, students will develop cross-cultural competency in Hispanic culture, Hispanic health care system, and health beliefs as well as practices.

Certificate Requirements

12 credit hours required
SPAN 101
SPAN 102
Spanish Language & Culture I
and Spanish Language & Culture II
SPAN 201
SPAN 202
Spanish Language and Culture III
and Spanish Language and Culture IV 1
SPAN 231Introductory and Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals4
Total Credits12

If students place in  SPAN 202 or above, additional courses from the following list for a total minimum of 12 credits are required:

SPAN 301 Advanced Conversation and Composition I

SPAN 409 Oral Expression

SPAN 406 Advanced Written Expression 

SPAN 420 Spanish Translation

SPAN 398 Independent Studies (requires permission from the instructor)

SPAN 399 Independent Studies (requires permission from the instructor)


  1. A maximum of one course (3-4 credit hours) of transfer coursework may be counted toward the minimum 12 credit hours required for the program by Petition to the Program Director.
  2.  Only SPAN 231 is permitted as pass/fail for the certificate.
  3. A minimum 2.5 GPA in the UM-Dearborn courses counting toward the certificate is required at the time of graduation and/or awarding of the certificate.
  4. All credits earned in this certificate can be applied toward a major, minor, or other certificate.