Game Studies and Design

This minor or Integrative Studies concentration offers students the opportunity to develop digital art, audio, and script writing skills linked with game production, and to study and critique gaming with an emphasis on accessibility, representation, and inclusion. Students taking courses in Game Design or majoring in Human Centered Design will find that this CASL minor complements their CECS courses through its focus on the aesthetics of game design and user experience.


Minor or Integrative Studies Concentration Requirements

A minor or concentration in Game Studies and Design consists of 12-16 credit hours of approved upper-level courses. In addition, students must complete one prerequisite course listed below.

ART 210Beginning Digital Design3
Courses for the Minor or Concentration12-16
Select four courses from the following:
The Art of Animation
Creating the Graphic Novel
Writing for Games
Audio Production
Script-Writing Workshop 1
Storytelling, Experiments, and Play
Reviewing Movies, Games, and Television
Media Psychology 1
Total Credit Hours15-19

This course has prerequisites.

  •  A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for the minor/concentration. The GPA is based on all coursework required within the minor (excluding prerequisites).
  • The use of transfer credit, field placements, internships, seminars, S/E graded courses, and independent study/research courses is limited to 3 credits in a 12 credit hour minor/concentration and 6 credits in a 15 credit hour and above minor/concentration.
  • Courses within a minor/concentration cannot be taken as Pass/Fail (P/F).
  • Minors requiring 12 credits may share one course with a major. Minors requiring 15 credits or more may share two courses with a major. This does not apply to concentrations for the Integrative Studies major.